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As a manufacturer of cannabis packaging solutions, we are proud to present our wide variety of marijuana packaging machinery from various packaging solutions.

Our marijuana packaging machines are as follows:

  1. Bingo Bagger
  2. CanapaWrapper family of Flow Pack Machine
  3. Swifty Bagger family of Automatic Bagging Machine for Pre-made Bags

To start with, we have our Bingo Bagger that operates in three automatic ways—opening, filling and sealing—of pre-made bags or pouches. Designed to operate on a variety of film types including co-extruded, laminated and polyethylene materials, the Bingo Bagger ensures that marijuana packaging needs are taken care of. This marijuana bagger is perfect for institutional, multipacks, and food service as it can run on 20 pounds of product. You can either fill your marijuana products by hand or by any type of filling machine. The Bingo bagger automatically opens and seals as wide as 22” bags depending on the model.

Available in two models, we have the Bingo Bagger Standard that can run 8” wide to 14” wide bags and the XL model that can run 9” to 22 wide bags. Take note that the bag length can differ from 8” to 30”.

Next is the CanapaWrapper family of the horizontal wrapping machine. Composed of three models, first is the affordable and compact marijuana packaging machine, the CanapaWrapper 40 that is designed to horizontally up to 100 marijuana packages per minute with a maximum web width of 400mm. Second is the CanaWrapper 45, a high-performance marijuana packaging machine that can produce up to 150 marijuana packages in one minute with a maximum web width of 450mm. Compared to CanapaWrapper 40, the CanapaWrapper 45 is a little on the robust side as it is built for 24/7 environment.

Then lastly, we have our CanapaWrapper 65, the most heavy-duty marijuana wrapper in the CannapaWrapper family. While the first two CanapaWrappers have 4 servo drives, this one has 5 servo drives. Moreover, this marijuana packaging machinery is capable of finishing up to 200 packages in just a minute and has a maximum web width of 650mm. Since it is considered a heavy-duty packaging machine, the CanapaWrapper 65 is naturally engineered for 24/7 environment. All our marijuana packaging machines from the CanaWrapper brand offers features such as rotary seal jaws, stainless steel frame, servo-driven, easy changeover and adjustment, temperature control, pre-programmable controls for product recipes, and so much more.

For the third product line of our marijuana packaging solutions, we have the Swifty Bagger family for pre-made pouches which comes in three models (Swifty Junior, Swifty 1200 and Swifty 3600). Applicable on several bag styles—quad, pillow, and doypacks—the Swifty Junior has an open design to offer serviceability, usability, and cleanability to its operators. It has an adjustable bag magazine to assure perfectly squared bags. It can operate on bags with up to 11 inches wide and up to 15 inches long.

Then we have the Swifty 1200 and 3600 that feature a straight-flow design to provide easy access to parts and simple cleaning. The Swifty Bagger are food-safe machines since your marijuana products will never be in contact with the heavy-duty mechanics. For Swifty 1200, it can operate on bags as wide as 12 inches and as long as 18 inches long. Meanwhile, the Swifty 3600 is applicable for bags up to 8 inches wide and up to 11 inches long for your cannabis packing needs.