• Carton Forming, Loading & Closing

Automatic Carton Forming, Loading & Closing

Stop folding cartons by hand and automate with the Kartnr™ family of automatic carton forming and loading machines for jars, containers, bottles and more.

The Kartnr™ automatic vertical carton forming and loading machine is engineered to form, load, and close vertical chip board cartons.

This automatic cartoning machine can be hand loaded or be integrated with a current automated packaging system depending on your production needs.

Available in three carton models:

  • Tucked carton
  • Pop-up auto-lock carton
  • Glued top carton


Blank Loading

Knockdown carton blanks are loaded onto the hopper magazine.

Carton Erecting

One-by-one, the knockdown carton blanks are pulled from the loading station and erected.

Carton Loading

 After each individual carton is erected, integrated motion-activated sensors trigger a series of precise robotic movements to automatically plunge and load each carton with product.

Closing & Final Discharge

 The two minor flaps are pushed down, after which the top overlapping major flap is closed and tucked while then being discharged.
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