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THC and CBD edibles are food products that contain cannabis extract. Edibles come in different forms such as candies, chocolates, lozenges, gummies, and many more.  At Canapa, we manufacture and supply wrapping solutions for your edible products. Aside from edibles, we also cater to cannabis and marijuana production requirements as a whole. Our automated packaging machines are known in the legal cannabis and marijuana industry and have reached the factories of giant companies.

We offer a wide range of automatic flow pack machines that are perfect for wrapping edibles. Available in several models, our edible wrapping machine systems can produce as low as 10 to as many as 200 fully wrapped edibles.

This family of edible wrapping machinery is consists of three models such as:

  1. CanapaWrapper 40

CanapaWrapper 40 is a servo-driven edible wrapping machine that is known for its economical price. Through this machine, operators can have the quickest changeover and adjustment possible. This edible wrapper is easy to operate and maintain making it perfect for entry-level marijuana production needs. Its servo drives ensure that there is a precise positioning for consistency purposes. The Canapa Wrapper 40 comes equipped with pre-programmable controls that can store as many as 100 recipes with a maximum web width of 15.5”.

  1. CanapaWrapper 45

CanapaWrapper 45 is operated by 4 servo motors with a packaging capacity of 150 packages within a minute. It is built for long-term use and is known to thrive in a 24/7 environment. Owners of this edible wrapping machine can expect a lower film and product leftover during production thanks to its servo-driven technology. Similar to CanapaWrapper 40, the CanapaWrapper 45 can also store up to 100 recipes but it has a maximum web width of 18”.

  1. Canapa Wrapper 65

Having the largest maximum web width of 25.6”, the CanapaWrapper is a heavy-duty edible wrapping machine that can flow wrap as many as 200 packages per minute. Unlike CanapaWrapper 40 and 45, the CanaWrapper 65 is built with 5 servo drives allowing machine owners to have low maintenance costs. It can program up to 100 product recipes and is engineered for hardcore environments that require 24/7 production operations.

All our CanapaWrapper edible wrapping machines come with leading-edge features including:

  • Easy changeover – product changeover is made simpler due to the presence of dual log position infeed conveyor and interchangeable forming shoulder.
  • Quality wrapping – through the eye-mark sensing system, the CanapaWrapper is capable of producing attractive finished edible products.
  • Variety of film types – applicable on several film types (e.g., multilayer, laminated, microperft, and more)
  • Construction – the CanapaWrapper brand of edible wrapping machinery are built with stainless steel construction and servo motors.

Besides our THC infused edible wrapping solutions, we at Canapa Solutions also offer other solutions including marijuana weighing, cannabis container filling, bag filling, vacuum packaging, case erecting, carton forming and so much more.