• Container Capping

Automatic chuck style capper for high performance

The automatic rotary capping machine, ideal for high speed requirements, is an efficient end of line solution suited for snack food, confectionery, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and numerous other industries.

The automatic rotary capping machine is made up of three heads and capable of accommodating various size/type containers to meet production rates of up to 80 caps per minute (depending on the specifics of container and cap)

Container Capping Machine Features:

  • Conveyor belts continuously feed bottles, containers, or jars, to the rotary machine
  • Chuck assemblies are rotated on the turret of the rotary capper
  • Empty chucks pass over the swinging arm carrying each cap for automatic pick and place
  • As each chuck is precisely lowered over the bottle, container, or jar, the turret continues to rotate
  • The cap is precisely aligned with the revolving bottle, container, or jar then accurately torqued
  • Chuck assemblies release the cap and the chuck rises while capped bottles are neatly discharged from the machine

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