• Automatically form & seal
    Cases & Shippers

PopLok tray forming machine for shippers

Stop folding trays by hand, Canapa’s automatic tray forming machine can fold and tuck die cut shippers and mailers  as well as display trays in a fraction of the time.

Designed to take a tray blank, one at a time, from the hopper, and pull it through forming plows, erecting the side and end panels of the tray, while at the same time folding in the minor flaps. When the tray reaches the bottom of the vertical travel, a set of pneumatically controlled bars fold and lock the roll-over flap in place. The finished tray is then ejected from the machine

Boxxer case erector

Robust in design and mechanically engineered to last the toughest of environments we pride ourselves in offering our customers the choice of glue, tape or auto-lock systems.

A case erector is a packaging machine that will automatically form and seal corrugated cardboard boxes. These machines are custom build to accommodate all different shapes and sizes of cartons to ensure they are set up properly and in the fastest amount of time possible.

EZ Tape sealer for cases

The EZ Case Sealers are an easy to use and completely adjustable case sealer.

Available in semi-automatic and automatic models; these case sealers are capable of taping or gluing both the bottom and/or top of the case.

Front, back, and side flaps are automatically folded. Heavy duty side-belt drives ensures square cases and provide tight seals.

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