• Container Unscrambling Machine

Bottle Unscrambling Machine

The ValTara™ Container Unscrambling Machine is a user-friendly system designed to smoothly transfer your plastic bottles from the bulk supply bowl, feeding them in-line to an indexing conveyor for downstream filling and subsequent packaging processes.

Applicable for food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and much more, the ValTara™ Container Unscrambler is compact and hygienic. By eliminating human intervention in the unscrambling process, the equipment significantly decreases the likelihood of bacteria build up and cross-contamination.

The ValTara™ Container Unscrambling Machine is easily configurable to fit with your existing packaging equipment for a complete and efficient bottle packaging system.

  • Operator Friendly HMI
  • Unobstructed Machine Access
  • Smooth Discharge
  • Gentle Bottle Handling
  • Integrated hopper sensors to detect / alert for low product levels
  • Easily configurable for various bottle shapes and size
    • Bottle diameter max: 4.7” (120mm)
    • Bottle height max: 9” (230mm)

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